This Line is based on 3 basic elements, Functional, Affordable and Durable.

This line has always been known as the essential and basic office furniture, no added sugar. Basically, with the wide variety of items you can individually choose (e.g. Conference tables, Reception desks, Bridges, Bookcases, etc…), you can never go wrong while designing an office space using products from the Classic Line. Made from commercial grade, scartch-resistant laminated wood. Many colours to choose from.


Straight Desk Shell

ML121-WN-1013 | 47″x30″x29.5″

Straight Desk Shell

ML103-WN-1013 | 60″x30″x29.5″

Straight Desk Shell

ML101-WN-1013 | 71″x36″x29.5

Credenza Shell

ML143-WN-1013 | 71″x23.5″x29.5″ 

Storage Cabinet 29

ML113-WN-1013 | 35.5″x22″x29.5″

Storage Cabinet 38

ML152-WN-1013 | 35.5″x22″x38″ 

Storage Cabinet 65

ML151-WN-1013 | 35.5″X22″X65″

Bow Front Desk Shell

ML189-WN-1013 | 71″x41″x29.5″ 

Bullet Desk Shell 

ML147-WN-1013 | 71″x36″x29.5″ 

Desk Bridge 35

ML193-WN-1013 | 35″x23.5″x29.5″

Desk Bridge 47

ML170-WN-1013 | 47″x23.5″x29.5″ 

Desk Return 30

ML179-WN-1013 | 30″x23.5″x29.5″

Desk Return 36

ML192-WN-1013 | 35″x23.5″x29.5″ 

Oval Meeting Table 71

ML135-WN-1013 | 71″x35.5″x29.5″

Oval Meeting Table 95

ML136-WN-1013 | 94.5″x43.5″x29.5″

Oval Meeting Table 120

ML137-WN-1013 | 120″x47″x29.5″

Round Meeting Table

ML127-WN-1013 | 42″x42″x29.5″

Corner Desk Shell

ML134-WN-1013 | 42″x42″x29.5″

Corner Hutch

ML126-WN-1013 | 42″x42″x36″

Reception Desk Shell

ML169-WN-1013 | 71″x36″x42″

Reception Desk Return

ML180-WN-1013 | 42″x23.5″x40.5″ 

Hanging BF Pedestals

ML107-WN-1013 | 16″x22″x19″ 

Hanging BBF Pedestals

ML166-WN-1013 | 16″x22″x28″

Hanging FF Pedestals

ML175-WN-1013 | 16″x22″x28″

Mobile BBF Pedestals

ML148-WN-1013 | 16″x22″x28″

2 Doors Big Hutch 66

ML140-WN-1013 | 66″x15″x36″

2 Doors Big Hutch 71

ML144-WN-1013 | 71″x15″x36″

2 Doors Small Hutch

ML125-WN-1013 | 47″x15″x36″

4 Doors Credenza

ML150-WN-1013 | 71″x24″x29.5″

Combination Lateral File

ML114-WN-1013 | 35.5″x22″x29.5″


Straight Desk w/Storage

ML-101-107 | W71″ D36″ H29.5″

Straight L-Shaped Desk w/Storage

ML-103-179-107 | W60″ D60″ H29.5″

Straight U-Shaped Desk w/Storage

ML-101-193-143-144-107 | W71″ D96″ H29.5″

Bullet L-Shaped desk w/Storage

ML-147-192-166 | W71″ D71″ H29.5″

Bullet U-Shaped Desk w/Storage

ML-147-193-143-144-107 | W71″ D96″ H29.5″

Reception Desk w/Storage

ML-169-180-107 | W71″ D78″ H41″

Bow Front L-Shaped Desk

ML-189-192-175-166 | W71″ D78″ H29.5″

Bow Front U-Shaped Desk

ML-189-170-143-144-166 | W71″ D112″ H29.5″








Marinus Walnut