General information

LFCO’s products are only available under LFCO’s terms and conditions of sale. The aforementioned terms and conditions of sale may be modified solely by LFCO’s management through the use of a written contract.
Orders can be submitted by e-mail, Fax (905-)629-0774 or by phone to our customer service at 905-629-0613 between normal business hours


Prices shown are in Canadian dollars for Canadian dealers.  All merchandise will be invoiced at prices prevailing at the time of shipment. List prices serve solely as a guideline and are subject to change without notice at any time. All taxes are extra.
For sales outside Canada all applicable taxes or duties are the responsibility of the purchaser. Purchaser’s claiming tax exemptions must provide all necessary documentation to LFCO on the order date


We accept Cash, Cheques, Debit and credit cards. All cheques returned NSF are subject to $50 Service Charge.
Orders value beyond the established credit limit, a payment must be arranged with our accounts receivable before shipping.


All orders are C.O.D. unless open terms/credit has been established. All merchandise is invoiced at the time of shipment and payment is due 30 days following the date of the invoice. 2% interest per month will be charged on all overdue accounts.
All merchandise is the sole property of LFCO until an order has been completely paid for.

Ordering information

To avoid errors, we request that all purchases be confirmed in writing. Each written order received by LFCO will be recognized and an acknowledgement form governing the transaction will be sent out. The acknowledgment form will describe the items to be shipped and the approximate “ready date”. The purchaser must confirm all phone orders in writing within 24 hours. The accuracy of information sent to LFCO by the purchaser is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. In addition, the accuracy of the acknowledgement information sent to the purchaser by LFCO is also the sole responsibility of the purchaser. In the event of inaccuracies, LFCO must be notified without delay by telephone and in writing.
 LFCO will not be responsible for errors on orders unless they are supported by written purchase orders and confirmations.
When placing an order, please specify the following information:
1. Purchase Order Number
2. Bill To and Ship To Addresses
3. Quantity 4. Model Numbers


LFCO is not responsible for damages incurred during storage or transit. At the time of pick up, the carrier will sign our delivery form, acknowledging that the merchandise being transported has been received in good condition. Upon receipt, all shipments should be carefully inspected by the purchaser prior to being accepted from the carrier, as our liability ends when the carrier signs our delivery slip at the time of pick up.
The purchaser is solely responsible for claiming damages from the carrier for any and all occurrences and types of damage that are incurred during the transport of goods. Claims for damages should be filed with the carrier immediately. All instances of mistakes, flaws, or insufficient parts must be reported to LFCO in a written statement within fifteen calendar days of delivery to the purchaser. After fifteen days, the delivered goods will be considered accepted and all claims of mistakes, flaws, or insufficient parts will be relinquished.


When shipping costs are paid by the purchaser, the purchaser must specify choice of carrier at the time of order. In the event that the purchaser has not specified a carrier, LFCO reserves the right to select a carrier to deliver the goods at the purchaser’s cost. The method and route taken in the shipping of goods to the purchaser shall be determined by the purchaser, unless the purchaser fails to appropriately specify the shipping method and route in which case LFCO will use a method and route that it deems effective.

Changes and cancellations

Acknowledgements of all orders are sent to customers within 24-48 hours of receipt of order. After this acknowledgement is processed, an order cannot be modified or cancelled by the purchaser without the written authorization of LFCO. Acknowledgements of verbal orders are sent to customers within 24-48 hours of receipt of order. LFCO will not be responsible for any errors that occur on verbal orders after 24 hours from the time the acknowledgement has been sent to the customer. LFCO requests that the customer check all acknowledgements for accuracy.
Once orders are shipped, no modifications or cancellations are possible


LFCO will show on all acknowledgements the expected “ready-date”, which is an estimate at the time the order is acknowledged. LFCO will not incur any obligation or liability to the purchaser for failure to honor the “ready-date” and shall not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any unforeseen delay beyond our reasonable control.


If the purchaser neglects to furnish LFCO with any required compensation, monetary or otherwise, LFCO will retain the prerogative to suspend all pending shipments to the purchaser until appropriate compensation is received. If LFCO believes the financial solvency of the purchaser is questionable then LFCO retains the prerogative to suspend all pending shipments to the purchaser until it is satisfied that the purchaser is financially solvent and that payment will be received.


All returns must be authorized in writing by LFCO’s head office and are subject to a minimum 20% restocking charge. Returned goods must be returned to LFCO in the same condition in which they were originally shipped. Returns are required to be sent using shipping instructions from LFCO in order to be accepted. Credit will not be authorized or issued if goods are not in new and resellable condition. No returns will be accepted on special order items. LFCO retains the prerogative to refuse any returns for which written permission was not attained from LFCO.

Errors and omissions

Invoices, order confirmations, and quotations are subject to corrections by LFCO for any errors and omissions.

Weights and cubes

Shipping weights and cubes are approximate, and may vary.


For all service requests contact LFCO’s customer service department for assistance at 905-629-0613.  OR   SALES@LFCO.CA

Offer of sale

In the event of a conflict between prices listed in the price list and prices elsewhere, the prices listed in the price list, subject to corrections, shall prevail.

Changes to products

LFCO reserves the right to make improvements or changes to prices, designs, colors, materials, or packaging without prior notice.

Patents and trademarks

Products may be subject to one or more issued patents, trademarks, patents pending, or trademark applications, in North America or internationally.

Ownership of advertising materials

All catalogs, price lists, drawings, photographs, signs, point of sale materials, binders, and other miscellaneous printed material remain the property of LFCO and must be returned within one week of written request. Possession of catalogs, price lists, or other miscellaneous printed material shall not imply LFCO’s willingness to sell to the holder of such material and shall not be considered as an offer to sell to the holder of such materials.


Measurements are displayed in imperial and metric sizes and serve solely as approximations for the convenience of the purchaser. All information, including but not limited to pricing, descriptive text, dimensions, weights, and cubes, may be modified at any time without the provision of notice. All prices displayed constitute present LFCO suggested pricing. Any and all duties and taxes that may apply to LFCO products are not included in the list prices and will incur additional charges. Errors and inappropriately omitted information may be corrected at any time without the provision of notice. Any information or suggestions concerning applications, specifications, or compliance with codes and standards is provided solely for your convenience and without any representation as to accuracy or suitability. LFCO disclaims any legal responsibility.

LFCO reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

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